Landscape Maintenance Services

To keep your property in pristine condition year round, our landscape maintenance services supply the care your landscape needs to continuously look its best. Our extensive experience in the industry and deep knowledge of nature perfectly equip Paradise Landscapes to nurture and monitor the long-term health of your landscape. Our expert processes and proactive planning prepare us to avoid unnecessary damage, injury, or disease of your plant life in order to keep your property looking beautiful all year long.

Landscape Maintenance Background

Paradise Landscapes has built up a reputable background in landscape maintenance throughout our lengthy history. Furthermore, we currently provide landscape maintenance services for over two thousand acres of land on high-end residential developments, office complexes, and commercial centers. The time we have spent meeting the needs of these diverse clients has empowered us to specialize in complex site requirements. The complete, proactive maintenance programs we offer ensure the continuous well-being and aesthetic appeal of every type of landscape.

Our maintenance programs are tailored to each project and budget in order to maximize both visual results and property values. Our response-oriented customer service has gained us the reputation of having the best service request turn around time in the region. Our landscape maintenance services are Best Management Practices certified by the Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program of the University of Florida Department of Environmental Horticulture.


Landscape Maintenance Services

Our detailed and in-depth landscape maintenance services will solve any current problems your property may be experiencing and will also prevent any future problems! The skilled and uniformed employees of Paradise Landscapes, who will always come to your property with an onsite supervisor, take great responsibility for preserving the overall health and beauty of your landscape. By taking the small steps now to evade big problems in the future, we can help you retain or even increase the value of your property and steadily receive a return on your investment.

Maintaining Paradise

At Paradise Landscapes, we anticipate the needs of your property before creating a customized maintenance plan that meets and exceeds those needs. We do so for the purpose of helping you reap the greatest possible rewards from the financial commitment you have made to your lawn care. For the price of our services, our customers get 20% more work out of Paradise Landscapes than they would out of other companies! This feature combined with a multitude of other advantages is what truly sets Paradise Landscapes apart from the competition.

To learn more about Paradise Landscapes’ desire to provide everything you want in your landscape through landscape maintenance services, contact us today!