Landscape Design and Installation Services

Paradise Landscapes is also well versed in handling the regulatory issues of the County, the Water Management District, and the EPA. As a company, Paradise Landscapes is very environmentally aware. Our employees are Best Management Practices certified and all of our debris is recycled. In 2015 we composted over one thousand cubic yards of lawn debris! With six experienced foremen and close to 40 team members, we use over 200 years of combined on-the-ground work experience in the field every day…and we promise to put every bit of that experience to work for you!

Landscape Maintenance Services

  • Equipment-specific mowing for all turf types and grades
  • Line trimming, edging, and bed definition
  • Hand pruning and seasonal trimming of flowering shrubs, ornamental trees, and topiaries
  • Hedge line and shrub shaping and trimming
  • Landscape bed detailing and renovation and weed control
  • Management of turf fertilization and pest and weed control programs
  • Regular and annual mulch installations
  • Bush hog services for retention areas and commons
  • Reclamation of maintenance deferred properties
  • Leaf removal and street sweeping
  • Storm clean up
  • Fence line and trail maintenance
  • Debris recycling and composting

When you choose to receive these exceptional maintenance services from Paradise Landscapes, you also receive priority scheduling that fits your timetable, as well as rapid responses to all service requests. These and other demonstrations of extreme customer service come standard at Paradise Landscapes.


Landscape Designs and Installations

Paradise Landscapes’ design and installation services provide you the landscape you’ve been looking for, at a price that satisfies your budget, and with designs that maximize your layout. Our customized designs address every area of your property, while our efficient installations seamlessly blend your new landscape into its natural surroundings. Our irrigation systems are designed for efficiency to keep those water bills under control, and our hardscapes incorporate flexibility and form into the layout of your landscape.

With our design services, Paradise Landscapes can build a brand new landscape or renovate an existing one in order to create a completely unique oasis for your property. We work with builders, developers, and residential homeowners to produce superior sites that add value. No matter what type of landscape you are looking for, we offer budgeting assistance that enables you to maximize your money with the most impactful yet economical features. Our Florida friendly and Zone 9 specific installations create landscape solutions that preserve both your investment and the environment. To illustrate our designs and secure full approval from our clients, Paradise Landscapes uses multidimensional design plans that depict the color, structure, texture, and function of each area of the landscape.

Once the design plans are finalized, we thoroughly prepare the property for installation by clearing, grading, and contouring the site. To keep installations Florida friendly, Paradise Landscapes inserts the right plants in the right places, so that only the appropriate amounts of fertilizer, mulch, and pesticides are required. Paradise Landscapes also keeps the current and future maintenance of your landscape in mind. With our tailored designs and installations, Paradise Landscapes helps you translate your landscaping vision into reality.

To learn more about Paradise Landscapes’ design and installation services, contact us today!