20150701-IMG_4809Hardscapes are strategically incorporated into the design of your space in order to create distinct sections and versatility. The addition of hardscapes achieves both aesthetic and functional boundaries that define certain areas and highlight notable elements.

Hardscapes such as paver walkways flow through your landscape to create counterpoints for landscape beds and provide direction for traffic flow, while structures such as retaining walls can enhance your space with dimension and serve a practical purpose. Decks and patios are other perfect examples of useful hardscapes, as these provide a comfortable place to enjoy your outdoor space and entertain guests. Water features such as fountains and ponds provide rhythmic movements and calming sounds which create points of interest and increase the sense of tranquility in your outdoor living area.

20151029_113757_resizedParadise Landscapes plans for a fusion of plant life and hardscapes when we generate custom landscape designs for your property. To select hardscape segments, we consider factors such as the texture, color, form, and flow of the hardscape as well as the traffic and purpose of the area. Our hardscapes enable residential and commercial properties to enhance their landscape elements and make them more durable, serviceable, valuable, and beautiful.

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