At Paradise Landscapes, we have a deep passion for cultivating nature to achieve its greatest potential, so that your property has the most sustainable, beautiful, and valuable landscape possible.


The Science of Landscapes

Our well-trained team of knowledgeable and accomplished landscape technicians utilize only the most effective and environmentally friendly maintenance tools and techniques to keep your landscape looking lush and healthy year round. Our crew leaders have over one hundred years of combined experience in the landscaping industry! Their wide-ranging skill set enables Paradise Landscapes to anticipate a growing landscape’s needs as well as how particular landscapes change over time. This developed understanding of the science of landscapes allows us to decipher all details of a property, such as:

  • The conditions of the subsoil
  • The best treatments for the grass
  • The best location for the irrigation system
  • The amount of water the landscape needs
  • The amount of shade the landscape will receive
  • The amount of foot traffic the landscape will experience

We adjust our maintenance and treatment programs to match these details, which enables us to prevent any potential problems on residential and commercial properties. Our proactivity will keep your landscape looking good through every season!

The Art of Landscapes

Our trained eye for aesthetics also helps us to master the art of landscaping. When designing landscape plans at Paradise, we visualize every aspect of a landscape in order to understand qualities such as:

  • How the landscape will appear from different views and angles
  • How people will move through and interact with the landscape
  • How the landscape will age
  • What impact the landscape will have on the environment

We recognize that landscapes are multidimensional sources of life with their own unique characteristics. Therefore, as we develop our designs, we strive to enable property owners to incorporate a wide range of color, texture, fragrance, shape, activity, and functionality into their landscapes. We believe that when your home or business is enhanced with an outdoor space that is aesthetically appealing, it positively impacts the property’s value both intrinsically and financially. The pleasure derived from a property increases dramatically when it is something you love rather than something you tolerate.

The Value of Landscapes

Untitled-1Paradise Landscapes always has your budget in mind and knows the specific steps to take that will allow you to maximize your landscaping services and installations. We know that proactively planning and maintaining your landscape is less expensive than renovating it.

When you partner with Paradise, we will help you to establish your budget and supply a realistic overview of how to turn your vision into a reality – at a price point that works for you. When we work with homeowners, developers, and property managers, we create landscapes strategies that protect, enhance and improve the value of their properties. We also customize our design and build enterprise level maintenance plans in order to meet the specific needs of each client, maximizing the value and the allure of every property.

Your Landscape

Your landscape is a living thing that requires specialized support and supervision. The experts at Paradise Landscapes can sustain your landscape while saving you time, money, and hassle. In order to truly care for your landscape, choose to work with people who know properties. Choose Paradise Landscapes.