Please take some time to view the testimonials provided to us from our customers!

Quality. Very high standard on the quality of work that they do. If it’s not right, they will make it right! When they took over, the property was in really bad shape. They made a 100% turn around, and it is still looking great.

- Rick Hardee, Brookside Apartments

I have had the pleasure of utilizing the services of Paradise Landscapes for more than 20 years.

Paradise Landscapes has managed the landscape maintenance for me on both small and large properties and the quality has been consistent on a week-to-week basis, something I consider critical in providing service in the property management industry. I consider Paradise Landscapes the preeminent landscape contractor in the Gainesville market.

There are several reasons why I am confident in this statement. First, the company prides itself on attention to detail and consistently goes beyond the scope of its contracvt to make sure that the customer is satisfied with its product. Second, the follow-up on work requests is quick and complete, and I usually receive a call to make sure the work was satisfactory.

And third, in these difficult financial times, Paradise consistently looks for ways where we can save money by suggesting installations that will be low maintenance or no maintenance at all.

I consider all my sub contractors an extension of my company, and the staff of Paradise Landscapes is always quick with a smile and a wave to both customers and the general public. I especially appreciate this effort when they are present on high profile properties. Their friendly interactions always reflect well on my efforts.

- Jose E. “Rick” Medina, Jr. MBA CPM CMCA, President of Premier Management Associates, Inc.